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Декларация на ръководството на Областна администрация - Монтана за политиката по качеството и информационната сигурност
Декларация на ръководството на Областна администрация - Монтана за политиката по качеството и информационната сигурност
District Administration Montana
Montana, PO Box 3400
"Jeravitsa" square № 1
phone: +359 (0)96/399 101
e-mail: oblastmont@montanabg.org
Unique Reference Number (URN): BG000320534
IBAN BG26STSA93003101051501

Working Hours for administrative services:
Monday - Friday
from 09:00 to 17:30 (office hours)

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Final project meeting for transnational strategies for sustainable territorial development of the region around the Danube with a focus on tourism was held in Pleven
Deputy governor Ms. Nina Petkova attend the final meeting for Bulgaria on the project DATOURWAY (Trans-national strategy for sustainable territorial development of the region around the Danube with a focus on tourism). The meeting was held on 24.2.2012, in the conference hall of Hotel "Rostov" in Pleven. The conference opened district governor of Pleven, Mr. Ivan Novkirishki. The meeting was attended and by deputy governors of Montana, Vidin and Vratsa districts, municipality mayors of Brusartsi, Kula, Slatina, Isperih, Tutrakan, The President of the Association of Danube municipalities Mr Peter Dulev and others. Were reported the results achieved in the project implementation, which is financed under the Transnational Cooperation in Southeastern Europe. It involves 16 partners from 7 countries - Bulgaria, Serbia, Romania, Croatia, Slovakia, Hungary and Italy. For Bulgaria partner is the Association "Bulgarian Economic Forum".
The project aims to highlight and promote transnational cooperation in tourism relating to a variety of tourism potential of the river and riverbanks, as well as natural beauty of the riverside and architectural achievements of the cities, towns and villages in the middle and southeast part of the valley of Danube.

Date: 27 February 2012 Full link...
In Montana marked 139 years of the death of Vasil Levski
"Father, just nothing to say because I've never killed anyone and I haven’t robbed of my favor. If serving the nation is a sin, I do not want forgiveness from God "...
The last confession of the Apostle of freedom Vasil Levski told on the gallows in the vicinity of Sofia 139 years ago. For it is said and written much, but his personality remains immense, and his work - holy and full of superhuman powers. His great mind, his revolutionary spirit contributes to his immortality, which today's generation earmarked for him. He is an example for all of us. Is there anything more sublime, more worthy than to devote his life to the people and the fatherland?
The occasion of 139 years of the death of Vasil Levski on 18 February memorial service was served in the church "St. Cyril and Methodius " in Montana. Later in the Exhibition Hall was held a meeting with the theme "Vasil Levski - icon of Bulgarian Freedom", organized by the Regional History Museum of Montana Municipal Committee "Vasil Levski" and association "Path to Wisdom" - Sofia. The monument of Vasil Levski and the promoters of the spirit and freedom of the Bulgarian Northwest, as a sign of respect and gratitude, wreaths and flowers brought MPs Iskra Fidosova and Dimitar Avramov, Deputy Governor Nina Petkova, mayor and deputy of municipality Montana, employees of district and municipal administrations, political parties, public organizations and citizens from the city.

Date: 19 February 2012 Full link...
District Administration Montana with a new application under the "Beautiful Bulgaria"
On 14/02/2012, the District Administration Montana submitted an application under the "Beautiful Bulgaria", measure 01 - "Improving the Urban Environment" at the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy for participation in project "Administrative building of District Administration Montana - renovation - second stage." Letter was received from the Council of Ministers to the governor, Mr. Ivaylo Petrov, informing him, that in approving the project will co-finance its implementation.
For implementation of the project, which treats of the three-story body of the building were drawn up a set of technical investment projects, which are imported into municipality Montana for approval and authorization for construction. For the realization, after confirming the project are provided to perform the following major construction works: Removing the old and creating the risk of accidents facing limestone slabs, roof repairs, installing insulation in an attic floor and exterior walls, implementing suspended facade of the building and the silicone coating on the southern façade, replacement of gutters, downpipes and more.

Date: 17 February 2012 Full link...
Working session
By order of the governor Ivailo Petrov today, 15 February in the Great Hall of the Youth House - Montana took place working meeting with representatives of District Administration Montana, mayors and mayor’s deputies of municipalities of Montana, Boychinovtsi, George Damyanovo and Chiprovtsi and users of water commercial sites. At the meeting, headed by the Secretary of the District Administration Montana Mr. Eng. Ivan Todorov, also attended representatives of the DM "Fire Safety and Civil Protection" – Montana, enterprise "Dams and Cascades" at NEK and "Hydrotechnical region" - Montana at "Irrigation systems" Ltd - Branch Mizia. At the meeting was discussed the status of reservoirs and associated facilities within the four municipalities and the instructions of the governor, which municipalities received regarding preventive measures and actions by the authorities of local government, to maintain the conductivity of river beds, limiting passage of high waves on the rivers and prevent the occurrence of crisis situations in the operation of the water sites in Montana. Such a meeting earlier today, was held in the municipalities Berkovitsa and Varshets. Tomorrow will be a meeting in municipality Lom.

Date: 16 February 2012 Full link...
District Governor will visit the municipalities and will accept citizens
The governor Mr. Ivailo Petrov together with MPs Ms. Iskra Fidosova and Mr. Dimitar Avramov organized reception in the municipalities, as follows:
1. Municipality Varshets - 02/13/2012 on / in the Town Hall /
2. Municipality Berkovitsa - 20/02/2012 on / in the Town Hall /
3. Municipality Yakimovo - 03/05/2012 on / in the Town Hall /
4. Municipality Georgi Damyanovo - 03/12/2012 on / in the Town Hall /
5. Municipality Brusartsi - 03/19/2012 on / in the Town Hall /
6. Municipality Medkovets - at the end of March

Date: 13 February 2012 Full link...
The Governor convene an extraordinary crisis center
Today, February 7th the Governor - Mr. Ivaylo Petrov convene an extraordinary meeting of the Crisis center, regarding the status of dams on the territory of Montana. The meeting was held in the boardroom of the District Administration building.
"Of the 50 dams in the area are 37 are potentially hazardous and 13 are safe," said Eng. Peter Kanov, RM "Fire Safety and Civil Protection" - Montana.
The governor instruct to send letters to all municipal mayors in the area, with which they are required to report on implementation of regulations after an inspection in October 2011, of the water sites in each municipality.
Concerning the dam "Ogosta", at this stage, the facility is in very good condition and secure shield for a possible strong snowmelt. The dykes are ready to take on large amounts of water.
From hydro-meteorological observatory - Montana reported that snow is expected to stop at the latest by tomorrow noon. And in the second and third ten days of February is expected the temperatures to reach +16 degrees.

Date: 7 February 2012 Full link...
Work meeting in Pirot
At the invitation of the head of the county Pirot - Mr. Goran Stamenovich yesterday, 02/01/2012, in Pirot was held a work shop in conjunction with CBC Programme between Bulgaria and Serbia. The Bulgarian side was attended by the governor of Montana, Mr. Ivailo Petrov, deputy governor Mrs. Nina Petkova, municipality mayors of Berkovitsa and George Damyanovo and the Director of Regional Road Management – Montana – Eng. Ivaylo Grigorov.
Mr. Goran Stamenovich, the mayor of town Pirot - Vladan Vasic, chairman of the municipal council – Pirot, Milan Popovic, representatives of regional bodies and NGOs were representing the Serbian side.
At the meeting were presented ideas for joint projects by both parties. Unanimous opinion was that participation in such programs shows how broadly can be the cross-border cooperation in the development of two adjacent regions.

Date: 2 February 2012 Full link...
Late Friday train travels again
"Railways - Passenger Transport" Ltd informs that from 23.01.20102, recovering the movement of the late Fridays suburban passenger trains № 71208 Berkovitsa - Boychinovtsi / a departure time of Berkovitsa in 20.50ch. / 71 209 and № Boychinovtsi - Berkovitsa / a departure time 22.05 in / that one liaise with the last train Sofia - Lom.
After implementing a new schedule for travelling of the trains /from 12/12/2011/ train traffic was stopped, which was followed the massive discontent of citizens traveling in these directions.
After a number of signals received by the governor, were prepared letters to Mr. Ivaylo Moscow - Minister of Transport and Communications, the Executive Agency "Railway Administration" and "Railways - Passenger Transport" Ltd - Sofia, with a request for assistance.
Responsible departments and institutions have treated with understanding the problem, which concerns many residents of the region for which we thank them all.

Date: 31 January 2012 Full link...